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Honor Thy Family Part 1 (Poem)
In the echoing caves beneath Skyrim’s cruel frost
A mage from the north seeks a treasure long lost
Fearing the dead might protect their gold still
He hired three hands and got more than his fill
The first a great Nord, rowdy and strong
Saying one day his deeds will lay way to song
The second a Redguard, a sneak and a flirt
Foully misused delving under the dirt
And the last now a Bosmer, with flames in her hand
Come to the cold from her far distant land
Where the life of a tree is worth more than a man
She sits in the corner and distrusts the whole plan
At last now the rock gives way to the tomb
And the Bosmer darts into the gloom
The others watch idly as she lights up the dead
And at once agree to let her go ahead
It is she who finds the dead lord still in his crypt
And steps back in horror as his eyes are now lit
The others, steel shrieking, rush in to fight
But she alone stands when death takes back the light
And the mage, where is he as his warriors fall?
He has crept passed t
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 5 7
Man By The Cliffs
The trees are drifting in the wind
In dancing masses; shuddering waves
Of sea salt lap the jagged shore
And black nights swallow up the days
Grey eyes watch the twisting sea
A vigil on some lonely post
Bound by loyalty long unpaid
By his own word cursed to watch the coast
Once a young man, strong and bold
Sent to the cliffs when the clouds were black
By lantern light to search for ships
And by that light send them back
That was when the port was full of life
But like all things, a city dies
And still he walks the lonely shore
And with the sea he sighs
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 1 3
Trouble (Poem)
I must drag you into trouble, for you will avoid it
You must hold me back from it, for I will seek it
Then, in perfect balance, we shall both conquer the world
Or, as one indivisible, be defeated
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 1 0
Poet (Poem)
Hauntingly pure; untouched by erring ink.
A black page presented dooms one to sit and think.
What ancient tale of conquest, hidden secrets, fighting
T'ween man and elf could prove itself worthy to commit in writing?
And with furrowed brow and folded frown, one is forced to sit and ponder
A fitting tale; but a ship set to sail, without course, will always wander.
And in little time, midst muttered rhymes, the page begins to fill
Not with valor, but thoughts of fancy, and sillier nonsense still.
And at last, the page is ruined, but all in all its purpose met
I haven't found a  poet who hasn't wasted paper yet
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 1 4
Storyteller (Poem)
Burning red with weary heat
The sun does dip his face to meet
The stony lips of mountains tall
Soon night will rise and day will fall
He lays his head down now to sleep
And grants the fowl things time to reap
The innocent, defenseless, weak
The foolish lovers and the meek
But what know I of these retched beast
Who crawl from their dreary caves to feast
On tender flesh and bleeding hearts?
I tell you now, I played a part
No, do not draw back in fright
Allow me now to say it right
No mislead damsel did I chase
T'was I who took the victim's place
She was golden, lovely, soft
Skin like the wings of a moth
Luminescent in the light
Of a flame flickering, dancing bright
And I fell, like young lads do
My heart ensnared through and through
I promised her my final breath
To serve and love her to my death
I thought my bait had caught the prize
Never once did I surmise
She was the wolf; and I the fox
Led astray by golden locks
A letter penned by cunning hand
Cried I must prove now where I stand
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 3 5
Cicero and Sin (Poem)
Come, little children, let me tell you a tale
Of a jester most mad and a murderer pale
Loyalist children of the darkest of sects
Silence and laughter in equal respects
Both slaves to a mother's self-serving demands
Vainly seeking comfort at a dead woman's hands
Sequestered away with her from the din
A tempest without and the silence within
One sought the path of madness and delight
Filling the dark with a crazed laughter's light
Taking the guise of a victim long gone
Pouring his murderous rage into song
The other took comfort embracing the pain
Defeating the monster by taking its name
Forever forbidden from death's sweet relief
Her sole satisfaction in sharing the grief
Now the cruel children dance hand in hand
Two greatest killers of a murderous band
Wandering together, dead grip in glove
Finally granted a lost mother's love
So if a dark shadow slinks in the night
A black dagger reflects the fire's dim light
If laughter and arrows shriek in the wind
Know you must fear Cicero and Sin
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 37 16
Sin (Poem)
I've blade gleaming brightly and a cloak on my back
My bow is strung tightly but pity I lack
From a land where the sun is a myth on the snow
I leave behind death and care not what I sow
T'was a silent white tomb that housed my lone kin
I learn how to talk from the screams of the wind
No bright star or wing could brave our grey skies
All that flew there was the snow that it cried
Before me most beasts have the heart of the babe
But I ever adored those who learned to be brave
From the white fox I learned the shadowy path
And from the red wolf to replace sorrow with wrath
The bite of the ice and the burn of the flame
Are to my cold skin all one in the same
A new Mother now bears my ethereal ties
And to Brother and Sister I only owe lies
I'll spare not for power nor money nor grace
As all is but dust next to Mother's embrace
And shall never fear death wherever I roam
For into the Void is to only go home
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 12 30
Delayed Burial Chp 18
The flames crackled wickedly, licking against the stone walls like the fires of an enormous oven. The smoke was thick and heavy and it filled the air like a hateful, burning blanket. It hurt to breathe, it hurt to see, and still he fought, teeth gritted together in fury, slicing down the Imperial bastards who dared attack his home.
Nazir ducked and weaved around the soldiers' blades. Their breath was heavy and labored, their swings growing wilder with each miss. Who the hell starts a fire when they're still inside? Nazir thought, half-hysterical with heat and rage as he lunged forward, skewering one of his assailants on his blade. From another part of the crumbing inferno he heard a dreadful howl, a pained and desperate sound. He had heard the cries of enough dying beasts to recognize Arnbjorn's. He felt a sharp pang in his chest. Fear gripped him. Festus was dead; he had gone outside only moments before the soldiers had poured in. They had doubtlessly gotten him. Gabriella had been tr
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 6 17
Delayed Burial Chp 17
Everyone in the Sanctuary had grown accustom to Sin's habit of popping out of the shadows. While Festus found it incredibly irritating, he did have to admit to himself that it took a special kind of person to make a game of sneaking up on the most dangerous killers in Skyrim on a regular basis. He was quite honestly surprised that no one had stabbed her yet, though it wasn't for lack of trying.
Festus noticed the shadowy silhouette draped across his enchanting table and felt the chill that seemed to radiate from her skin. He waited a moment for her to speak and, when met with silence, scoffed. "Have you come to talk to me about something important or just to practice looming in the shadows?"
"If I were in the shadows, you would not see me loom," Sin replied. "Babette told me I was to speak with you."
"Babette? Not Astrid?" Festus asked, lifting his head to look at her.
Sin frowned faintly. "No. Not Astrid."
"What happened between you two?" Festus asked bluntly. He stood up straight and
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 2 18
Delayed Burial Chp 16
Astrid clutched the journal angrily in her hand as she rushed to the Black Door, Veezara and Festus following her footsteps closely.
"Astrid, for Sithis's sake, you can't go after them!" Festus insisted, attempting to block her path.
"I have to make sure Arnbjorn is okay," Astrid replied, brushing him aside.
"Let someone else go," Veezara pleaded. "I'll go, Festus will go, anyone but you."
"That little worm has to pay!"
"Astrid, what are we going to do if you get killed?" Veezara asked, finally pushing his way in front of her and grabbing her by the shoulders. "He's a trained assassin and he's already made an attempt on you once. What would the Dark Brotherhood be without you?"
"Let go of me!" Astrid ordered.
"Astrid," a cold voice said. Astrid felt herself stiffen as Sin stepped from the shadows. What person could take a blade through the stomach and survive without even a wince? Unless she wasn't a person at all. Sithis knows, Sin didn't look like someone who had been skewered with a
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 4 33
Delayed Burial Chp 15
"Ridiculous," Festus declared, sneering as he turned away from Veezara. "Asking me to be civil with that girl. I'd rather share a bed with Lis."
"Festus, I don't know why you're so hung up on this," Veezara said, folding his arms. "She said she forgave you for killing her horse. It should be done and over with."
"Forgave me? That impudent girl threatened me!"
"Festus, Arnbjorn can't go ten minutes without threatening to eat someone. He considers 'lambshank' to be a pet name. You can't ask Babette for a sleeping draught because she thinks of it as an invitation to feed from you. Whenever someone criticizes Nazir's cooking he says it's because 'the poison threw the flavor off a little bit.' We're assassins. We threaten people."
Festus harrumphed and turned back to his enchanter. When he noticed Veezara wasn't leaving he faced him again with a scowl. "Well what do you want me to do?"
"Pretend it never happened."
"That's it?" Festus asked mockingly.
Festus snorted. "Fine. But don't
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 6 24
Delayed Burial Chp 14
Veezara pressed against the wall, watching unblinkingly as the Solitude guards strode ignorantly past him. He felt, but could not see, the rough cloth of Sin's cloak beside him. The wind was swift up on the walls of the courtyard, but she maintained perfect control over her cloak and though he was close enough to smell the poison on her arrows, he couldn't hear or feel any fluttering fabric. It had been too long since he stalked the shadows with another by his side. This would be fun.
"The balcony should be through that door," he murmured. "There isn't much cover. Can you stay hidden?"
"Yes," she whispered back.
At once she was gone from his side. He watched carefully but all he saw was the white flash of her hand as she slipped through the door. This would put her directly across from the balcony where the bride and groom would address the reception. It wouldn't be difficult for the people to realize where the arrow had come from after it had been fired whether Sin stayed hidden or no
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 7 32
Delayed Burial Chp 13
When Cicero was in a room, he was generally hard to miss. Jubilant, merry, some might even say obnoxious, but he was by all means a colorful, and usually noisy, character. But not tonight.
He stood silently in the doorway, watching with a faint smile as Astrid sat at her desk, flipping through her papers with a palpable frustration. She tapped her fingers on the desk irritably as she reread notes and letters that Cicero knew, from his snooping, had been written months ago. She would huff and sigh as she looked at every new scrap of parchment, tossing the old ones aside with a scowl of dissatisfaction. Whatever was eating at her had her so consumed that she hadn't even noticed him standing there motionless for the last five minutes. Cicero may have been a fool, but he was not foolish, and he knew very well why Astrid spent her nights with her silly papers instead of in bed with her oaf of a husband.
Astrid was worried. And Cicero was enjoying it.
Oh yes, fetter about with your
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 6 11
Delayed Burial Chp 12
Astrid had thought long and hard about Sin becoming the Listener. As she saw it, there were three possibilities. One, Sin was lying and pretending to be the Listener to undermine Astrid's authority and Cicero was simply playing along. Astrid could easily see Cicero being roped into a plan like that, but she couldn't quite see Sin coming up with it. The girl could barely stand having a conversation with most of the Family and Astrid could hardly imagine her wanting to lead them. Two, Sin had gone as mad as Cicero and Mother's voice in her head was just one of Sheogorath's whimsies. But then how would she know that phrase to signal to Cicero she was truly the Listener. She might have found it in his Keeping Tomes, assuming he had them with him, which by all logic he should. Assassins weren't exactly the sanest of folk, and Sin did have those wild eyes. But she also had that strange calmness that Astrid had never seen in a madman. Three, and it did twist Astrid's stomach to admit this, ma
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 4 20
Sin by GettingRoundTheRules Sin :icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 1 0
Delayed Burial Chp 11
Olin had never asked for the life of a travelling merchant, but it was all he knew. He had seen many dreadful sights in his time: bandits, bears, even hagravens. These days he could hardly see another person on the road without suspecting them of mischief.
The lone figure walking leisurely down the path was no different. He eyed them up suspiciously as his cart drew closer. Their gray cloak covered much of them, but he could clearly see the hunting bow on their back. Probably just another wandering poacher then. Those kind never had much money on them, but he had a good store of hunting equipment, and maybe he could strike up a deal. He had enough skill to swindle a beggar out of his last coin; he could surely get some gold out of this stranger.
As they drew closer his horse began to pull back and slowed down. He tapped her flank lightly with his switch. "C'mon old girl, keep pace." The horse sped her footing a bit but pulled away again as they came up behind the wander. The cloaked fi
:icongettingroundtherules:GettingRoundTheRules 2 17


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I like to write stuff and I can't draw. I understand that's incredibly vague, but I'd hate to kill the mystery. Just imagine at all times I'm standing on top of windy roof tops and wearing a black cape. That's how mysterious I want to be.

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Honor Thy Family is being taken down and restarted. I just can't do it the way I originally wanted to. Sorry peeps


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